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Our customers love our food!

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The Daily Deal

Tina's Pizzeria - always 2 for 1 daily deal


"This is good pizza that is always delivered promptly"– Laura P.

woman biting into pizza
smiling older couple

"I was staying overnight in Belleville and since there was a snowstorm, I decided to order in. Since I’m not familiar with the restaurants in the area, I decided to try Tina’s Pizzeria. The food was absolutely delicious, the toppings were fresh and the crust had a nice sweet, fresh taste. The delivery was prompt considering the bad weather. I would definitely recommend this restaurant."– Genny 03/09/2011

"I ordered ahead for a pick up and they said that it would be ready in 15-20 minutes. So I went over in 10 minutes and it was ready. It had lots of cheese and the crust was not 4 inches thick like other places. It was just right and their pizza was the best I’ve ever had in Belleville."– Elijah, via online 09/19/2009

smiling young man
woman with salad

"Much better than the other places I’ve tried. Now when I place an order I also always have to get their Greek Salad. In my opinion Tina’s makes the best Greek Salad. Overall very delicious!"– Millie, via online. 01/16/2011

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